I love Valentine’s Day so much I made my first outfit for it!!! While everyone and their lovers were in Disneyland, in a romantic hot spot, or the single ladies simply just watching “How to be Single” in the movies, my galentines and I had brunch and took pictures at the love wall, which you can find at Smashbox Studios, 8549 Higuera Street made by Curtis Kulig. If you’re looking for a romantic back drop for a proposal or a really rad Instagram photo (no filters necessary) make sure to give some love to this wall! 😉

So for my first outfit, I thought of making a feminine top and an asymmetrical pleather skirt. Plaid has obviously been a major staple this season and I wanted to use this simple trend by adding a romantic and modern twist at the same time.







Hope y’all enjoyed Valentine’s day as much as I did! And to those who are in love, who have loved and lost, who are in a complicated relationship with love, who’s still seeking for love, who’s love was taken for granted, I am wishing you endless amounts of love!!! Also, don’t forget that you can always find unconditional love within yourself, God, family and friends. <3



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