Painted Denim

Last Sunday, I went on a last minute mini road trip to catch what’s left of the Super Bloom in Death Valley National Park. One of my favorite places that we visited is the Badwater Basin. It is a dried up lake filled with accumulated salts, making it undrinkable. It is noted as the lowest point in North America with an elevation of 282 ft below sea level.


As festival season arrives, my next blog posts will be covering different style inspirations for festival essentials. One of the big and main categories is denim. I made a low cut v neck  printed denim dress that can withstand any adventure, any mercurial temperature change, and, certainly, any festival.






Also, my fellow blogger girlfriends and I started our own instagram where we will be documenting all our adventures via instagram. So please follow @thebloggingbabes! 😉


Another place that you gotta visit if you ever go to Death Valley is the Artist’s Palette. It’s a one way road where you will see mountains with different colors — literally like an artist’s palette. Please note that my pictures do not do any justice from what my eyes have seen! The richness of the actual colors are not fully shown through my pics.




Hope this inspires you to opt out and spend time with mother nature once in a while!



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