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The long awaited night for Beyonce’s Formation World Tour finally arrived in Los Angeles yesterday. I decided to make a hanky slip dress inspired by the  color of the dress that she wore in her music video, “Hold Up.” I wanted to bring some hot sauce in my bag but I was afraid the security won’t let me in. Haha. I was fortunate enough to have one of my girl friends warn me that we weren’t allowed to any bring bags inside unless it’s clear and a size of a ziplock bag. A lot of people were upset that they weren’t fully warned about this. Walking in the stadium, there were a few protestors that has a “FORGIVE JAY-Z” and “EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES” signs. Thought this was pretty hilarious and the whole controversy between the Beyonce and Jay-Z cheating rumors has been actually working well for her album. I also noticed that Beyonce has gained a whole other range of followers that can relate to her album’s message of agony, betrayal and jealousy. Beyonce opened up her concert with the ever powerful song “Formation.” She sang a few more songs from her Lemonade album like “Daddy Lessons”, “Freedom”, “Don’t Hurt Yourself” and “Sorry”. Her visual album was also presented the whole night and she mixed a lot of her old songs together. One of my favorite scenes from her concert was when she stomped around, danced and passionately sang on stage with water.  I love that she ended her concert thanking God and her fans for everything that she has now. She also encouraged everyone to keep working hard for their dreams and that she was once like us and we could be where she’s at now if we keep striving for our goals. Last night was definitely a night to remember. I’m currently experiencing my Beyonce withdrawals as of now and yes, call me crazy but i may or may not be thinking of going to her Dodger Stadium Concert this fall.


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