Temporary Setbacks





“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that its going to launch you to something great.”

One of my girlfriends sent this quote to me recently and it spoke so much to me. I never really thought of life this way but thinking about t now, it’s fairly true. Every time I am going through a setback, it normally prepares for something bigger and better in life which eventually ends up making me stronger. About a year ago when I was going through the roughest time of my life (yet), I always asked myself why is this happening to me? why? why? why? Until I got to the point where I got sick and tired of asking why, sulking around and crying. A year or so later did I realize that everything happens for a reason and that temporary setbacks are overcome through persistence, handwork and an amazing support system.

I cannot be more happy now and be glad of everything that I’ve been through. Because of these setbacks, I have adapted the meaning of self-love, learned who my true friends are and I’ve grown to appreciate my family more. A month ago, I had to leave my full-time job as a designer in order for me to spend some time with my family in Asia. Although, the idea of doing this is extremely difficult at that time since I’m slightly a workaholic, I do not regret doing so now. Reconnecting with my cousins that I grew up with, my aunts and uncles and making more memories with them is probably one of the best decision I’ve made this year. It blows my mind how little people have in third world countries; yet they probably are the happiest people I’ve ever met.

Now that I’m back in America, looking for a job now is actually a lot harder than I thought. Thankfully, I have a support system that encourages me that this isn’t the end and that I most likely needed this break before I get sucked back in the crazy world of the fashion industry. Oh and for this look, I made a simple two piece hot pink bathing suit and a white see through cover up. If you haven’t noticed on my last blog posts, I may or may not be obsessed with the color white. It’s just so easy to wear especially over the summer. What’s your favorite go to piece this season? Is anyone else sad that summer is ending too? And have you gone through any setbacks in life recently? If so, have they helped you shape the person you are now?



Facing Fears

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Have you ever heard of Acrophobia? It is an extreme fear of heights. I’ve always had it since I can remember. Growing up, I never wanted to ride the ferris wheel or roller coasters with loops. On a random Tuesday morning, one of my friends invited me to go to Sky Space LA. It holds the tallest open-air observation deck in California and has a slide made out of glass where you can glide through the view from the 70th to the 69th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower. If you didn’t have a fear of heights, I’m sure you will be jumping with joy and will think this is so fun. Except I do but given the fact that I have gone skydiving before, I thought to myself this should be easy and I can do this so I went for it anyways.

Until I actually got there and seeing the view made my heart beat faster, feel nauseated, my hands sweat and felt like I was about fall for no reason or the glass was going to break… Here’s a video of me having a meltdown before I actually did it..

A few tips for people who actually want to try this…

  1. Just go with the flow and have fun.
  2. Do not have a mental break down.
  3. Do not try to stop yourself from sliding through the glass because you won’t only flip and land weird; you will also hurt your elbow and scratch yourself (at least I did).

Before you head to the 70th floor, you will go through the 54th floor where you will find cool exhibits to see/experience. One of my favorites was the Silhouette Wall, where pixels were created to reflect images based on body movements.

There’s also a really pretty wall that you can’t miss before you exit.


Of course, we had to take a picture!

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What are your biggest fears? Have you ever tried facing them? I honestly thought after skydiving, I would be able to overcome my fear of heights and falling. I feel like the fear is still there and I’m not sure if it will ever go away but I definitely feel like I am more open to trying new things now… So I encourage you to face your fears. It gets easier. It may not look like it from the video but there’s a part of you inside that will be proud of yourself for doing things you never thought you could do before! 😉






White Sand

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Living in So Cal more than half my life, I’ve been surrounded by beaches. But when I laid my eyes on this beach, I’ve never seen anything like it – with the soft white sand, clear blue water, tiny fishes swimming up the shore and unbelievable sunsets. If you can’t already tell Boracay Islands is one of my favorite places and I hope and plan to buy a house there someday. On my last night at the islands, I actually ended up not sleeping and staying up all night watching the stars at the beach. I just wanted admire its beauty and savor every moment of it. For this look, I made a simple white beach dress. What do you think about this look? And doesn’t this island just makes you want to live here?



Chasing Dreams









Do you have a dream list? Because I do. I guess most of us would call these goals or things you want to achieve in life. Growing up in the Philippines, I’ve always heard of the Boracay Islands and I knew in my heart that one day, I would love to go over there and visit it. Everything that I imagined it to be is insanely real. When i was just a little girl, I also dreamt of being a fashion designer someday. My dad used to work for a manufacturing company who exported children’s clothing in Europe. I would receive different dresses from him weekly and sometimes he would even bring me to work. I told myself that someday, I’m going to own my factory filled with dresses. In a very young age, I was blessed to have such supportive parents who encouraged my dreams and allowed me to express my imagination a lot. I would stay in my room and draw Sailor Moon and Barbie and give them different outfits. As I grew older, being a fashion designer has always been on the back of my mind. I knew I’ve always wanted and needed to be one. It’s just a matter of how will i get there? Once college hits, I was so unsure whether i should pursue this ridiculous dream or not because in my head, I’m like how? So just to play it safe, I went to a community college and took some general ed classes along with some sketching and sewing classes. Even though my parents were always supportive of my goals and dreams, they were also worried about my financial stability. In the Filipino culture, it is very common to have your children pursue nursing – because apparently, it provides exactly that – financial security. A part of me wanted to try so I took the beginning science classes in college. Fortunately enough, I didn’t do so well and got Cs while I was excelling in my sketching and sewing classes and was always more excited to be there instead. It wasn’t until then that I fully realized I have to do this. I’m doing this. I’m going for it. I applied to FIDM and got accepted at their Fashion Design program. The two years that I spent at FIDM consisted of countless sleepless nights (real all nighters – like three nights in a row), eating very unhealthy food, consistently running after deadlines, sewing – lots and lots of sewing, sketching, pattern making, draping and working as a resident adviser and a tour guide and having fun all at once. I’ve made so many friendships that I am forever grateful for. As soon as I graduated, I was blessed enough to find a job in the industry within a month and the rest was history which leads me to now.

As I look back the past few years of how I got to where I’m at now, I don’t think i have any regrets at all. I’ve made so many memories and sacrifices to get me where I’m at now. The fashion industry is hard. Actually, hard is an understatement. You really have to love it and be passionate about it in order for you to stay in it. I was just having a conversation with a friend of mine who is also in the industry and we were talking about how this industry is like a bad boyfriend that you love and care about. Now that I’m back from my trip and have taken my break. I know now that I’m ready to go back and tackle the fashion industry again, one storm at a time. I don’t think I can do anything else. I’ve never felt something so strong in my heart — knowing that this is what I’m made to do and I don’t see myself doing anything else.

What are you goals, passions and dreams?

For this look, I made a two piece bathing suit. Red is one of my favorite colors because it’s flirty and fun. What do you think of this look?



Golden Age


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The Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) is probably on of my favorite historical places I visited in Thailand. It is one of the oldest, largest and most revered temples in Bangkok. It is a must see if you are ever visiting Bangkok. The gigantic statue is the largest in Thailand. You can always hop on a tuk-tuk, or a metered cab depending how far you’re staying to get there. Be sure to dress appropriately. You cannot wear shorts or anything that shows a lot of skin. For this look, I made a two piece set outfit – a pop over top and a long pleated skirt made out of elephant print woven fabric.

Have you visited any interesting places this summer?










A few weeks before my summer trip in Asia, I went to the LA Fashion District and bought different fabrics that I can use to make some outfits for my trip. The moment that I laid eyes on this iridescent mermaid fabric material, I knew it was the one and I had to buy it for one of my bathing suits. For this look, I made a two piece set with a pleated bra top and scallop edge high waisted bottoms. I spent a whole day at Coral Island in Pattaya, Thailand. It was breathe taking and relaxing. I felt like I had the whole island to myself. One of the things I miss the most in Asia is being able to swim and go in their water. Where have you gone this summer? Do you have any upcoming trips you’re excited about?