Facing Fears

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Have you ever heard of Acrophobia? It is an extreme fear of heights. I’ve always had it since I can remember. Growing up, I never wanted to ride the ferris wheel or roller coasters with loops. On a random Tuesday morning, one of my friends invited me to go to Sky Space LA. It holds the tallest open-air observation deck in California and has a slide made out of glass where you can glide through the view from the 70th to the 69th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower. If you didn’t have a fear of heights, I’m sure you will be jumping with joy and will think this is so fun. Except I do but given the fact that I have gone skydiving before, I thought to myself this should be easy and I can do this so I went for it anyways.

Until I actually got there and seeing the view made my heart beat faster, feel nauseated, my hands sweat and felt like I was about fall for no reason or the glass was going to break… Here’s a video of me having a meltdown before I actually did it..

A few tips for people who actually want to try this…

  1. Just go with the flow and have fun.
  2. Do not have a mental break down.
  3. Do not try to stop yourself from sliding through the glass because you won’t only flip and land weird; you will also hurt your elbow and scratch yourself (at least I did).

Before you head to the 70th floor, you will go through the 54th floor where you will find cool exhibits to see/experience. One of my favorites was the Silhouette Wall, where pixels were created to reflect images based on body movements.

There’s also a really pretty wall that you can’t miss before you exit.


Of course, we had to take a picture!

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What are your biggest fears? Have you ever tried facing them? I honestly thought after skydiving, I would be able to overcome my fear of heights and falling. I feel like the fear is still there and I’m not sure if it will ever go away but I definitely feel like I am more open to trying new things now… So I encourage you to face your fears. It gets easier. It may not look like it from the video but there’s a part of you inside that will be proud of yourself for doing things you never thought you could do before! 😉






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