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“An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means that its going to launch you to something great.”

One of my girlfriends sent this quote to me recently and it spoke so much to me. I never really thought of life this way but thinking about t now, it’s fairly true. Every time I am going through a setback, it normally prepares for something bigger and better in life which eventually ends up making me stronger. About a year ago when I was going through the roughest time of my life (yet), I always asked myself why is this happening to me? why? why? why? Until I got to the point where I got sick and tired of asking why, sulking around and crying. A year or so later did I realize that everything happens for a reason and that temporary setbacks are overcome through persistence, handwork and an amazing support system.

I cannot be more happy now and be glad of everything that I’ve been through. Because of these setbacks, I have adapted the meaning of self-love, learned who my true friends are and I’ve grown to appreciate my family more. A month ago, I had to leave my full-time job as a designer in order for me to spend some time with my family in Asia. Although, the idea of doing this is extremely difficult at that time since I’m slightly a workaholic, I do not regret doing so now. Reconnecting with my cousins that I grew up with, my aunts and uncles and making more memories with them is probably one of the best decision I’ve made this year. It blows my mind how little people have in third world countries; yet they probably are the happiest people I’ve ever met.

Now that I’m back in America, looking for a job now is actually a lot harder than I thought. Thankfully, I have a support system that encourages me that this isn’t the end and that I most likely needed this break before I get sucked back in the crazy world of the fashion industry. Oh and for this look, I made a simple two piece hot pink bathing suit and a white see through cover up. If you haven’t noticed on my last blog posts, I may or may not be obsessed with the color white. It’s just so easy to wear especially over the summer. What’s your favorite go to piece this season? Is anyone else sad that summer is ending too? And have you gone through any setbacks in life recently? If so, have they helped you shape the person you are now?



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