As Pokemon Go finally hit the US a couple of months ago, you’ve probably seen an influx of people walking down the sidewalks with their phones in front of them —-and this is exactly why. If you are not familiar with this app —this new game turns a regular smart phone user into a real life Pokemon trainer, where you can walk down the street by your house and catch a Pidgey or Rattata or you can go to the local park and defend your territory at the gym. It wasn’t until recently that I actually started getting into this game. I recently went to a Pokemon date and went to a park in Orange County where Balbasaur is nesting. At first I didn’t believe that people were here walking at 10 pm just to catch Balbasaur, yet, the next thing I know I see a bunch of families, friends, coworkers – still wearing their work attire looking for Bulbasaur.

For this year’s Halloween party that my roommates and I decided to throw,  I wanted to be Pikachu and I also dressed Coco as Pichu – Pikachu’s baby. The outfit was really fun to make – I made a crop top and a tutu. Pikachu’s tail is probably one of the most difficult things to make. I had to use lots of wires, cardboard and felt to make it stand. What do you guys think about this costume? How was your Halloween? I hope you had as much fun as I did! ❤





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