Let’s Be Mermaids

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”Walt Disney







A couple of months ago, I asked my best friend to if she wants to be a real life mermaid with me and start our own fashion line. She said yes and was absolutely in love with the idea. We started off making a small capsule line with bandeaus, tops, skirts and chokers. All of this can be found at Secretly A Mermaid. Along with fashion items, I was inspired by my trip in Asia this summer where I had my first mermaid photoshoot in the Philippines. I thought to myself why not bring that here in Los Angeles where its (mostly) sunny all year round? Jessicka and I made our own mermaid tails and tops and had our own photoshoot. We also want to share this with the world and offer this to all the Cali girls who also wants to be a mermaid. As Spring comes along, we will start shooting again and offer different colors and styles of tails with matching bandeaus. Stay posted and schedule with us and email: shoplikeamermaidb@gmail.com if you want to make your own mermaid dreams come true! 😉



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