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Christmas is only two days away. It’s the most joyful time of the year. You can feel it anywhere you go, from the twinkling lights, crazy last minute shoppers and the lines to see Santa Claus. Christmas is normally one of the happiest times of the year but for some people it can also be a sad reminder of things that are lost and unreachable. A lot of times the holidays make us stop and think of the people and things we love the most, who we celebrated with and who you’re celebrating with now. We remember our loved ones who has past and how they’re no longer here with us – the ones who played an important role in our life once and now were left to carry on without them.

Christmas is one of those holidays that brings us together and carry on the tradition on how you’ve celebrated it since you were a little kid. It’s a season that reminds us on how strong our bond was to those you love and who loves you. You miss opening your Christmas presents with them or sitting, laughing away with them at the dinner table and reflect on the memories you’ve shared together.

Growing up in the Philippines, I would like to think that I am blessed to have a family who was big on celebrating Christmas. My whole entire clan would go to church on Christmas Eve and I would be wearing my favorite dress as we sing carols away. After the service, we would have a feast at my grandparents’ house and be merry and wait until the clock strikes at midnight. My brothers, cousins and I would be so excited to open all our Christmas presents. One of our traditions was to have a gift exchange between the “little kids”, my cousins and I would put our names in one basket and pick from there. At that time, I remember that we would have to buy something within 50 pesos – which is a dollar here.

As small as that amount was, I will never forget the joy on our faces once we open what we got for each other. My cousins and I will play our newest gadgets and toys and thank our aunts and uncles and we would keep playing until we finally get tired. We would also make sure to hang our sock so that Santa can drop by and give us money by morning.

I remember one Christmas morning, I didn’t receive anything from Santa. My grandpa told me that Santa must’ve missed it. I was devastated. How could Santa miss my sock? Every year he didn’t miss it before, why would he now? There’s even times when he would write to me! If there’s one thing I took away from this, it is that – sometimes we get disappointed because of our expectations – we are placing them at the wrong place.

From my young mind, I realized then that even Santa wasn’t perfect. Life isn’t perfect. People aren’t perfect. They will make mistakes and that’s okay. Life in general is sometimes unfair, harsh and difficult, and yes, Christmas does make us realize this truth even more. However, let’s not forget to have a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness – that despite of all the imperfection of this life – we have perfect moments in between and the best thing we can do now is to make the most out of them… Go hug your mom and dad this Christmas. Tell them how much you’re thankful for them. Listen to your sister. Hang out with your brother. Play and laugh with your cousins. Talk to your aunt and uncles. Make your relationships stronger while you still have time. Be present. Tell someone you love that you love them and you appreciate their being. Stop holding back – it doesn’t do you any good but fill your life with regrets, pride and sadness. As much as there’s memories that make you sad – you can also be happy that they happened and they’re what made who you are now and that’s something that can never be taken away from you.

As a Christian, I am forever grateful for Christmas. It’s more than a tradition for me.  It’s a season for me to be thankful, to feel and show love to others and to celebrate Jesus. I understand that not everyone has the same point of view and that’s okay – but for those who do — let’s not forget the true meaning of Christmas. It’s God’s undying love for us – so go out there and share the same light and love. Don’t be afraid and radiate it. Go sprinkle kindness and happiness and be merry.

I named my blog post ‘let there be light’ – as i thought it was very fitting for this season but it’s also one of my new favorite songs currently and I wanted to share it.

Have a happy merry christmas loves! Oh and I made this Mrs. Santa outfit, let me know what you think about it! 😉



Let There Be Light

Words and Music by Michael Guy Chislett, Matthew Crocker, Joel Houston, Brooke Ligertwood, Scott Ligertwood & Jonas Myrin

Verse 1
There’s no darkness in Your eyes
There’s no question in Your mind
God almighty
God of mercy

There’s no hiding from Your face
There’s no striving in Your grace
God of mercy
God almighty

Chorus 1
Let there be light
Open the eyes of the blind
Purify our hearts in Your fire
Breathe in us we pray
Jesus have Your way

Verse 2
There’s no borders in Your love
No division in Your heart
God of heaven
God of freedom

There’s no taking back the cross
No regret in what it cost
God of freedom
God of heaven

Chorus 2
Let there be light
Open the eyes of the blind
Purify our hearts in Your fire
Breathe in us we pray

Let there be light
Open our eyes to Your heart
Desperate just to know whoYou are
Shine in us we pray
Jesus have Your way

Good news embracing the poor
Comfort for all those who mourn
For the broken hearted
We sing louder

Release from prison and shame
Oppression turning to praise
For every captive
Sing louder

Restoring sight to the blind
Breaking the curse of the night
For all in darkness
Sing louder

Proclaiming freedom for all
This is the day of the Lord
Beauty for ashes

Verse 3
Let the light that shines above
Become the light that shines in us
There’s no darkness in Your way
So have Your way
Lord have Your way

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