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As 2017 rolled in, I made a simple asymmetrical dress that I wore for my NYE dinner in DTLA. I also went on an annual new year’s hike which helped me think of seven things that I want to try and keep applying to my life this year. One of the best parts about the New Year is that it’s a clean slate. There’s a sense of comfort in leaving the past behind, feeling encouraged to let bad habits end with 2016, and becoming motivated to make positive changes in 2017.

  1. Stop the negativity.– Stop the negative talk. Cut it out. Yes, life is hard and it sometimes throws curveballs at us that we never expect but one of the things that I realized the past year is that negativity doesn’t do you any good. It just leads you to overthinking, overanalyzing, insanity and depression. Life is never going to be perfect so when it gets hard, stop being negative and just do the best that you can.
  2. Get out. – Literally, get out. Go outside. If you’re bored and you have nothing to do with your life, get out. Bathe yourself with some sunlight and breathe in some fresh air. The world is still so beautiful, go make use of it and take care of it. It literally is our giant playground. Go on a hike, go travel, go on a road trip. Get out.
  3. Schedule to have some alone time. – If you live in LA, or simply work in a crazy industry filled with nerve-wracking schedules, you know how to difficult it is to try to have some breathing time and spend some time by yourself. This year, I wanted to make sure that I schedule some time for some “me time.” Often times, it’s so easy to get lost within our friends, career, relationships etc. that we forget one of the most important relationship that we have – ourselves. You only have one life. If you aren’t happy and at peace with yourself, your decisions, you’ll never achieve happiness. So take some time off to mediate, write, draw or do whatever it is that you like to by yourself and allow yourself to breathe.
  4. Fall in love. – Take those walls down that you’ve built for so long and fall in love.. with people, places, nature, animals and yourself. Feel and actually allow yourself to be happy and live in the moment and stop being so guarded. You and everyone else make mistakes. Let them. Let yourself make mistakes. Funny thing that is — isn’t that what life is all about anyways? – making mistakes until you get it right.
  5. Be uncomfortable. – Get use to doing things you’re not use to. Go out of your comfort zone. Say sorry first. Let your pride down. Love the unlovable. Share. Be patient. Work harder. Do something you’ve never done before. Know who you are and know that you are worthy of living your dreams. It’s never too late to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.
  6. Let go. – Let go of the toxic people in your life. Let go of your own toxicity. Let go of your own bad behaviors. Let go of that friend who takes advantage of you or who talks behind your back. Let go of that boy who doesn’t love you. Walk away from people and situations that threaten you peace of mind, self respect, values, morals or self worth.
  7. Just believe. – Believe that everything works out for a reason. You are where you’re suppose to be. There is no do overs in life so the mistakes that you think you’ve done in the past — they are there to serve as lessons. Feel it out and move on. Believe. Believe that God or the Universe or whatever you believe in has your back. You have to believe because when life gets hard, its your only choice of survival. You have to believe in yourself — that you can do it, that even though life is tough, you are tougher and when all else fails, you can try again. There will be more chances in this life. They may not be similar but it’s not the end of the world. You are born for more and you can conquer anything if you just believe.

Hope these were helpful that you can also apply these to yourself!



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