Ten Confessions of a Creative Impatient Overachieving Optimist who wants to do everything in the world






Are you a struggling artist? or simply a creative person who just can’t seem to have it together? Are you always the hot mess in your squad? Are you always late? If you are, you are not alone! I wanted to write this article just so other people can have a little bit of insight inside their creative friends’ brains and how or why they function this way.

  1. We are always late – because we are optimists we think we always have time for everything and think we can squeeze in one more thing before we go. We have a hard time managing our time because we always want to do more what’s required of us and that normally causes us to being late or it could just be as simple as thinking we will make it there on time without being realistic.
  2. We wear our hearts on our sleeves – we pretty much define the “what you see is what you get” – if it looks like i stayed up all night finishing a project, it’s probably because i did just stay up finishing a project and no, i don’t have time for small talk so please get out of my way.
  3. We are workaholics – if anything obsessed with our work, music, art, blog – whatever it is. We revolve our life around our passion and we never stop creating.
  4. We literally don’t know how to relax – every time someone tells me to relax, i feel like i just get more upset. My brain is constantly thinking of a million things I could be doing and what and how i will do the things I will be doing a week or months from now.
  5. We are very determined – or others may call us stubborn – once i set my mind on something, that is it. There’s no turning back. For the most part, I can compromise but once I’ve already decided that I’m going to do something, that is it.
  6. We don’t know how to say no – and it’s seriously annoying because i feel like because of this we always get taken advantage of or get burned out.
  7. We are always busy – in fact, when I’m relaxed, I start to look for other things to do. Sometimes my friends give me a hard time that I’m just blowing them off when it comes to scheduling to meet with me – I’m actually not, i literally am booked for the next three months already because I like to plan my life way ahead of time because I like to do everything and meet my goals.
  8. We never stop – or i’d like to call us resilient – we may fall, slip, fail, get exhausted but we also rise and try and try again.
  9. We are so impatient – that sometimes I have to remind myself that i cannot control everything and not everything I want to happen of go through in life will not all happen at once. Thankfully, i have family and friends that remind me of this and literally breathe all the time.
  10. We love loud – there is no questioning if we love you or something, we almost treat love like how we treat our work and give it our best shot. We give until we have nothing else to give and it normally takse a whole lot in order for us to give up.

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