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In this crazy, sometimes difficult world that we live in, sometimes (we or at least I) tend to forget that magic still exists, that true love exists. We are often so busy making m0ney from our 9-5 jobs, the pressures of this life, the bills and the stress that we forget the little things, the little triumphs and that the world is still magical if we choose to see it that way.

Because the sun still rises and sets beautifully whether you watch it or not.

Because of how ecstatic and excited my dog is when I come home.

Because of how artists pour so much soul, blood and tears into their art.

Because there is still kindness in this world.

Because of how two strangers can turn into lovers in an instant.

Because of friendship, chemistry, joy, hope, love and grace.

Because of new beginnings, of resilience and of courageous people who do things they never thought they could do.

Because of the fools who dream, the weird people, the poets, artists, music makers, dreamers, designers, outsiders and risk takers.

Because of all the gorgeous places I dream to see in my own eyes.

Because of how flowers still grow after being stepped on.

Because there’s rainbows after the rain.

Because of laughter and of the indescribable feeling of happiness when you’re in a room filled with your favorite people.

Also, this is one of Secretly A Mermaid‘s newest two piece set that I will be wearing at Coachella this year. It is made out of purply iridescent mermaid fabric. I love the way it hugs my body and  that it is high waisted. Grab yours now and stand out on your next rave or music festival! 😉 For my next few posts, I will be sharing different festival looks. So stay tuned for more! <3



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