Are you guys excited for Coachella? I’ve always wanted to make a butterfly inspired outfit so I made this two piece set with a high low skirt  along with a butterfly crown. I had so much fun making these as much as I had fun shooting this festival inspired look. I was actually super inspired by Maria Grazia Chiuri‘s Spring 2017 Couture line when I made this outfit as I am so in love and just obsessed with her collection!!! I wanted to play with the idea of dreaming, fantasy, fairy tales and magic. Chiuri accessorized her magical dresses with Stephen Jones’ garden- referenced headdresses which also inspired me to make my own butterfly crown. I’ve always loved the color magenta and also been wanting to make a butterfly crown since I feel like the floral crown has been played out at festivals.

If you guys and gals end up going to weekend 2 in Coachella, please don’t hesitate to say hi and chat! I can’t wait to just dance around in the desert. Also, if you have any outfit requests you’d like to me to make, feel free to comment and i’ll see what i can do!
Hope this little ensemble of mine inspires you to wear something fun and creative at Coachella!  😉



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