I’m a true believer that when women support each other, incredible things happen. Some of you may know that my bestie, Jessika and I started our own mermaid line, Secretly A Mermaid almost a year ago and it has been a fun, nerve wracking, crazy, glitter filled kind of year ever since. There are a couple of times that we’ve wanted to give up as we’ve realized that start ups aren’t easy but there’s many times that we are filled with joy as we are blessed enough to be able to do what we like to do best: which is pretty much everything – from designing, modeling, sewing, bloggging, advertising our own stuff, creating, expressing ourselves and networking.

And it’s times like this when we get to partner with different brands like TWOOBS that we’re even more excited than ever that we get to work with rad brands who slays around the world! They are Australian based super cool, glittery shoes that you can pretty much wear everywhere and ships world wide. They’re super light weight and fun! They even come with these cool glittery bag that you can use as your own clutch. I don’t think I’ve ever been obsessed with any pair of shoes than these!

Also, did you know that around one in four startups is founded by a female? Which is weird when you think about the fact that one in two humans is a female. This is why TWOOBS pass some of their profits to other startups run by female entrepreneurs. Every time you buy a pair of TWOOBS, you are not only scoring a super rad pair of shoes, you’re also helping a female start their own business. So go on their website now and check these babies out! 😉

TOP: Secretly A Mermaid

Shorts: Zara






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