Amplify Pt. 1

Hi Friends,

This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Amplify OC hosted by Jazzy, sponsored by Kroger. In here I met amazing, beautiful women influencers coming from different backgrounds where we had to chance to connect, grow, devour healthy and simple meals and create together.

On Friday morning, we ate some delicious protein pancakes.

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Then proceeded to our first goal setting activity where we got to think about what our “perfect day” consist of and share it with everyone. This exercise made me think about how I can handle my time so much better and how it is possible if I just push myself enough. It also taught me that I need to include self care in my day, as I’m always running around, I seem to always forget to take care of myself and well being.

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For lunch, we had  Triscuit with fruits, cheese and salad. I was so happy when I found out that Triscuit is one of our sponsors as it’s actually one of my favorite personal snacks! I love that it’s light and crispy and healthy. My favorite is the fire roasted tomato & olive.

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After lunch, we made vision boards underneath the olive trees. For my vision board, I included a of lot tropical islands as I dream to travel and go to as many adventures around the world and also visit each Disneyland in every country. The phrases “Transform your world” “Never the same thrill twice” and “Go your own way” are in there to remind me that it’s okay to be different and live my dream and manifest it even though it seems impossible right now. We also had our refreshing afternoon tea, thanks to Tazo!

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For dinner, we had one of Jazzy’s “Your Dinner is Planned” Baja California Dinner, this is the very first time I had a vegetarian stuffed peppers and it was actually delicious. If you’re like me and doesn’t really like veggies- let me tell you that this one actually tastes like magic!

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That was our day one last Friday and I hope that this blog post inspires you to eat healthy and take care of yourself. Stay tuned for my next post regarding Amplify Pt. 2! 😉

Oh and of course, I actually made this two piece outfit for this event! What do you think about it? When I did my research that we are going to be in The Nursery By Southwinds and saw how beautiful it is, I knew i had to make a floral outfit.



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