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For the second day of our Amplify OC Retreat, we made the yummiest protein bars! It’s literally by far one of my faves as it’s so easy to make (especially if you cannot cook like me) Here is the recipe below. Thanks to Jazzy and Kroger for sponsoring our breakfast!

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Flour Base – oat flour protein powder

Nut Butter or Seed Butter (you need just enough to bind it together)

Need consistency to form into a ball

Add sweetener – honey

Mix it together.

Add almond milk – we need it to get the thicker consistency (slowly) really mix it.

If it’s dry – add any liquid.

Add inclusions like:

pecans, nuts, granola, dried strawberries, chocolate, cereal

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I had so much fun making this and it was actually really good. I made mine into a cereal, but normally, you can make it into a ball or rectangles and put it in the fridge.

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For lunch, we had one of the best veggie burgers ever! If you know me, you already know what I’m not a huge fan of veggies – but this is by far one of the yummiest veggie burgers I’ve ever had!

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After lunch, we made our DIY “live your dream” bracelets under the olive trees!

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And to close the retreat, we finished things drinking our tea on a hot day. Thanks to Snapple!

We also wrote a word that represents how we feel about the whole retreat at the very end and I chose the word: encouraging. Often times, I feel like we are so busy, living our day to day lives, we forget to breathe a little and we are so hard on ourselves. This retreat showed me many ways and encouraged me that things get better if we don’t give up. Last but not the least, we wrote a letter to ourselves and Jazzy promised to mail it back to us in the future when we least expect it!

Hopefully, this post reminds you as well to take it easy on yourself and how sometimes it’s important take some time to take care of yourself and well being.

P.S. I made this top and my mermaid skirt is from Secretly A Mermaid






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