Super Super Dope x That Pink Door

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Hello babes!

Have you ever been to the iconic “That Pink Door” in Palm Springs? Did you know that it’s instagram famous? Almost every blogger I know has gone there! If you haven’t gotten a chance to take a picture with it, you’ve gotta! Because if you haven’t, it’s like you never really went to Palm Springs. That Pink Door can be found on 1100 Sierra Way! 😉

Also, have you guys and gals heard of Super Super Dope? I got this shirt from this Apparel + Accessories Company based on Singapore. They are a team of hustlers who like to sit around, drink coffee and come up with dope + hustle focussed word play. As a blogger and a fashion designer, I am always busy. Most of my weekends consists of road trips and traveling and my weekdays are filled with non stop work. If you’re a hustler, coffee addict like me, definitely check out their newest tees and accessories! And did I mention that they ship for free worldwide? Grab a few of your very own minimal and affordable clothing while kicking ass at your day job or simply just sitting around drinking coffee with friends! For additional 10% off, use the code “madewithjoy10” 😉

Black Jeans : Ambercrombie & Fitch

White Booties: Target


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