Are you a plant killer like me? If so, I have just the perfect DIY for you.

Dont know what to do with old plastic bottles? Instead of throwing them away, which could pollute the oceans, why not be crafty with these DIY self watering planters?

The concept is very simple: the string sucks the water up from the bottom portion of the planter to the top part.

Here’s a step by step on how to make one.


AfterlightImage 60 copy

2. Cut the water bottle in half – measuring the height of your plant and how much room it needs to be able to support it and poke a hole on the cap.and

AfterlightImage 58

3. Cut string or really thick thread (like yarn) and make it go through the whole, long enough to reach the water and long enough to reach the soil of the plant.

AfterlightImage 59

4. Add pebbles to have a little bit of weight on the plastic bottle and to keep the string in place.

AfterlightImage 54

5. Add the plant of your choice on the top portion and water at the bottom part and stack it up on top of each other. Make sure the cap is closed tightly.

AfterlightImage 56

And you’re done!

AfterlightImage 55

I know I added some paint on my materials needed – but it’s totally up to you. Feel free to get creative with this!

Did you find this blog post helpful? Are there any other DIYs you’d like me to do?

AfterlightImage 57

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