How To Make Unicorn Headbands

Anyone else obsessed with unicorns?!

If you are – here’s a step to step how to guide on making unicorn headbands.
For our latest Secretly A Mermaid, photoshoot we made unicorn headbands to complete our “UniMer” Themed Photoshoot with collaboration with Swimbrayv

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First —> you’ll be needing all these below:

-scissors, flowers, cotton/stuffing material, paper to make your pattern, fabric of your choice, headband, glue gun + glue sticks, felt


Now let’s get to it!


Make a patter for your headband – trace it and add 1/2″ all around.


Then cut your pattern.


Draw your unicorn ears (1 big for outer ear + 1 small for inside ear) and draw your horn (make sure it rolls together).


It should look like something like this. After that – it’s time to cut the fabric!


Cut the headband pattern 2x.

Cut the horn pattern once.

Cut the inside ear 2x.


Then cut the bigger piece in felt (in this case I chose the white felt) to go with the iridescent mermaid fabric.


  1. Put the the two headband fabrics and sew the sides together and put the headband inside.
  2. Fold the horn and meet the sides and sew until it makes a horn – then stuff it with cotton/extra fabric or stuffing material.
  3. Glue the inside fabric ear to the felt (the bigger outside ear)

Everything should look something like this below:


Now you can assemble your unicorn headband and place them where you want everything to go. Cut the flowers and place them where you like. Then glue everything together —> including the bottom part of the headband.


TADAAAAAA! Now you can officially be a unicorn!

AfterlightImage 69

What did you boys and girls think of this blog post? Do you want to see more DIY projects? Any request of what you’d like me to teach you next?



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