How I Started Blogging & How To Become A Blogger

Hi Friends,

It’s Joy here! I often get asked how I became a blogger and how to become one; therefore, I’ve decided to make a blog post dedicated to just that.

Each month at Influencer Girl Gang, we will be featuring a new influencer and interview them so they can share about their journey with the hope of helping other aspiring bloggers and influencers start their dreams. So for our first post, I’ve decided to share my story. Let’s begin, shall we?

What do you do and how did you become a blogger/influencer?

I am a fashion designer and I’ve always been passionately in love with fashion. I love making outfits and dressing up. I also love being creative and expressive with everything I do but being in the corporate world for the past 6 years, it has been difficult for me to design whatever I wish as we, designers, have to design what will sell to the market as a whole; therefore, it led me to start my blog -> Made With Joy about two years ago. I’ve also always loved sewing and making DIY crafts and accessories; so on my spare time when I get off work or on weekends, you’ll normally find me glued on my sewing machine making a new outfit for my next adventure. And being the workaholic me, I also needed a creative outlet, that’s why I created a blog where I can go to different places and blog about the different outfits I made.

How do you manage how to continuously make your content? Any tips you can share?

I think as a blogger/influencer, before you even start creating content, it’s so important to sit down and ask yourself these three things below:

1. Who are you?

(What’s your story?)

2. What can you offer the world?

(What is something you’re really good at that people come to you for it?)

3. How will it serve others?

(Why would people need to keep coming back to your page, for what?)

Once you answer all these questions; jot them down and they should help you think and move forward on what kind of content that you can continuously make. For example, if I answered those questions, my answers would be:

  1. My name is Joy and I’m a fashion designer who loves making my own outfits and taking photos on adventures everywhere I go.
  2. I can show everyone the latest fashion trends and DIY hacks how to make something in a simpler way and I can also show people the coolest destinations they can go to with their friends or significant other.
  3. It gives people the knowledge about the latest style trends + its saves people the time to look for awesome things to do or places to visit.

After knowing that, I continuously made content based on what I know I’m good at and what I can share and offer the world. Being genuine is the definite key and sharing what you love – because it definitely shows through you work.

Can you give us a step by step process on how to make a blog or start blogging?

Sure thing! I’d love to.

      • Come up with a blog name. Find something that sticks with you and you’d like to            keep attached with your name forever. Remember you have to live with it. Start a              word brainstorm of topics you’d like to talk about in your blog.

  • Choose a hosting plan and platform. For beginners, I highly recommend starting with a Basic Plan – once you dip your toe in the water and have learned how to swim, you can easily go Pro or get a Business Plan. I personally use WordPress and know a lot of bloggers that do.
  • Purchase a domain for your blog. Once you have a platform for your blog, it’ll be time to move forward and have your own domain name. I used Go Daddy to purchased mine. BlueHost is also another popular one. If the first domain name is no longer available for you, don’t be discouraged. Be open and creative with it.
  • Design your blog/find your theme. Your theme/website should represent you. It should speak volumes on what you’re all about. It’s pretty much your online portfolio. Work on it until you’re in love with it.
  • Get ready to create some content. I would highly suggest creating a content calendar for yourself. Be organized. Buy a planner or use your phone calendar and find the days that you have free time and schedule ahead of time when to create content on those days. It is also important for you to choose your blogging frequency. Some bloggers post 3x a week where others post once a week. Pick something that works with your lifestyle and stay consistent.


Since you started blogging when and how did you start getting sponsored by different brands?

As my blogging progressed, I was fortunate enough to start getting approached by different companies and be sponsored. I honestly didn’t start getting noticed by brands until earlier this year. It took me about a year of just blogging about myself and what I love before I got sponsors. I made sure to include my email in my Instagram bio – which led to a lot of different brands reaching out to me for collabs and sponsorships. This is very important – I cannot express how important this is. Most business accounts on Instagram have the email button now, which is great, however, if you don’t have a business account, please include your email address in your bio.

Do you use any apps to get sponsorships?

I’ve used a few before but as my business grew, most companies just come to me and email me to create content for them or I also pitch and negotiate with the brands that I like to work with. The apps I’ve used from the past are: muses, heartbeat, collabr8. There’s also websites like AmbassadHer, Glambassador or Activate that connects you with different brands. Check them out!

How do you build engagement with your readers/followers?

I normally like to either ask questions, be personal with my posts, post something entertaining (can’t be too serious all the time) and also engage engage engage! People love authenticity and they love it when they can relate to you and you make them feel like you’re their sister from another mother – and that doesn’t mean only posting about the highlight reels of your life either! If you watch my insta stories, you’ll probably see me chilling with my roommates’ cat and how she attacks me as I sew or Coco wanting to get my attention all the time as I’m working.

Last but not the least, where we can we find you and how can we connect to you?

You can connect with me here on or follow me on instagram: @_madewithjoy or email me at


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