Puppy Friday With Solid Gold Pets

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Before summer ends, I wanted to make a matching outfit of me and Coco and a few weeks ago, I finally got a chance to do that. We went to the dog park in Hollywood and we got so many compliments! Coco also had so much fun running around with her fellow doggies!

Last month, she actually tried Solid Gold Mighty Mini and she couldnt stop eating it. Coco is normally picky with her food so I was glad to see that she loved this one! This grain- and gluten-free recipe is made with USA-sourced beef, nutrient-rich fruits and veggies, and a balanced blend of superfoods with omega fatty acids. She loved the savory lamb, sweet potato recipe – especially the wet food – it was also filled with plus nutrient-packed superfoods like vitamin E-rich cranberries.

I was thinking of doing more blog posts like this one where Coco and I have matching outfits – what do you guys think of this blog post?



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