1. It’s off season = not the busiest time of the year since summer just ended and winter is about to come; therefore, less crowds, less people. Yeyyy! With fewer visitors, accommodations and Airbnb is actually cheaper.

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2. The BEST weather EVER! I was able to do the whole 3 mile walk around Convict Lake wearing Reebok’s Pure Move Bra and North Face Windbreaker. The average temperature ranged between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But it wasn’t really until the sun was setting did I need my windbreaker as it got a little bit more chilly.

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What I love about my Reebok’s Pure Move Bra is how it’s natural shape literally feels like it’s molded for your body with free-cut edges that allow you to move freely-from the gym to a hike to a brunch with friends. The fabric almost feels like your second skin. I also love how modest this bra looks that I didn’t feel self conscious walking around without a top covering me.

***I was gifted this product, but all views are my own and I was wearing a size M Bra.***

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3. MAJESTIC VIEWS AND FALL HEAVEN!!! – I mean where else can you find this view? Like how is this even real? I honestly lost it and just fell in love. As I walk around Convict Lake, I cant help but marvel at the sight of golden Aspen leaves everywhere. It almost looks like real gold when the sun hits the leaves. And seeing all of the trees together with different colors was truly a stunning sight to see!

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I hope you find your way to squeeze in some time to go to Mammoth Lakes soon before winter starts. It’s a lot more amazing in person, I promise! Happy Fall!


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