Why Networking Is So Important As An Influencer

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It’s a Thursday morning in the city of Los Angeles and it has been a while since I personally shared influencer tips! For today’s topic, I wanted to share why networking is important. A few months ago, I started Influencer Girl Gang  so that girls all over they world can collab, create together and learn from each other. Since it started, we’ve had two meet ups in LA and one in OC. It is my dream to host more meet ups in other locations all over the US or have other megababes join me and host their own meet ups!

As an influencer, it’s kind of expected of us to influence people – and we can do that by networking! Yes, social media may be your first platform of influence but wouldnt it be nice to also do it in person?

Not only does networking bring us out of our comfort zones, but it helps us be confident with ourselves. Like phew! I remember going to my first networking event and I was so nervous but I came out of it alive and to top it all of, I even made new found friends!

Another benefit from networking is we get to learn from each other – are you new to the influencer world? No worries! We got you! You have questions about usual rates? Pitching or how we work with brands? We can give you some tips in person! I dont know about you but sometimes it’s so much more comforting to hear an advice from someone in person, you build a better connection.

It’s also good for projects! Fortunately, I have an amazing circle of girlfriends who also enjoy taking photos that I can sometimes as to shoot with me or work on projects with me. But they’re not always available so if you have more connections – you have other people you can collaborate with and more brains are better than one!

One of our goals next year is to start hosting actual themed photoshoots so we can create content together! We are so excited about this.

Last but not the least – it can lead you to an actual job or opportunity. There’s been countless times that I went to a networking event and I met someone who led me to a job opportunity, which is super cool because if I never went to that networking event – I wouldnt have gotten that offer!

Hope this was helpful to some of you! So if you havent gotten a chance to network yet – hope you get yourself out there or join us – we have a free -> facebook page where we have open discussions, invites to events and boosts each others engagement. Will I see you there?



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