Christmas Games For Family & Friends

Hi Friends,

Hope y’all had a fun and amazing Christmas. Every year, my family & friends have a get together and celebrate Jesus’ birth – and a huge part of this celebration is playing games & competing with each other. Therefore, I wanted to share a compilation of games that you can play with your own family and friends next year!


  1. Candy Cane Game – Opponents must transfer as much candy canes as they can using one candy candy with their mouths from one bowl to the other. Whoever has the most candy canes in the set time – wins! 

  2. Magic Carpet Ride – Two teams compete against each other. They must go from one station to the next only using the carpet to move them. You cannot use your hands and feet outside the carpet. We played this version with my friends and family and it was the party favorite!


  3. Ornament Twerking Competition – Using two empty tissue boxes filled with many christmas ornaments (the same amount on each box), opponents must twerk their butts off until most of the ornaments are out or whoever has the least ornaments inside the box wins. You will also need lots of tape and a rope to tie the tissue box around the competitors waist.
  4. Santa’s Reindeers Sweat Shop – Two teams pick their “reindeer” and must try their best to make their reindeer look like an actual reindeer with antlers. You will need stockings and balloons. Cut the end of the stocking so that the team will be able to insert the balloons inside. You can either time them or they can keep going until whoever finishes first.

  5. Rudolph’s Nose – Each players has the same amount of strings with glued pom pom at the very end of the string. Whoever gets to make their pom pom touch their nose and make it stay there for at least 3 seconds win!
  6.  A Penny For Your Thoughts – Each player puts a coin on the top of their forehead – whoever gets the coin into their mouth without using their hands, wins! (this can also be played with oreos; but my family has become an expert with the oreos (we decided to make it tougher)

    Hope you had fun watching our Christmas games and we hope that you’ll be able to play these games next year!

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