Tulip Festival

Happy Earth Day!!

Last Friday I went to the Roozengaarde Tulip Festival and I fell in love!!! I made a beautiful red two piece dress and took pictures with the flowers. Roozengarde is located at Skagit Valley in Washington. I was so excited about this festival that I flew all the way from Los Angeles. One of my blogger friends Sera from Sera Stardust actually lives close by at the Tulip Festival and was the one that informed me about it. I was super stoked that we decided to meet up and do a collab. Unfortunately, it rained when we went so it was a bit muddy but we still tried to make the most out of it. P.S. We both made our outfits! 😉

If you’d like to visit the festival, here’s a few tips I have for you:

  1. Check the weather. It’s always raining in Seattle and we forgot to bring an umbrella. My boyfriend and I had to stop by at Walmart and buy an umbrella before heading to the festival.
  2. Wear rain boots! I wasnt ready for the rain and the mud is real!!! I couldnt get close to the flowers and it was muddy everywhere that my shoes got ruined.
  3. Bring cash. There’s food trucks and festival food being sold and having cash is important!
  4. Rain or shine, choose to have fun!
  5. Do not pick the flowers and enjoy nature!

Here’s a few of the photos that were taken at the festival.

I highly suggest going and I hope you enjoy your visit.



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