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As you all know, I went to Seattle for Easter weekend and I absolutely loved it! I love it so much that I wanted to write a blog post about things to do, to see and eat during Spring in three days!

So if you haven’t been to Seattle and you’d like to go sometime soon, here’s a list of the most memorable places I went to that I think will make you fall in love with Seattle and some tips and tricks that can help make your trip smoother.

  1. See the Tulip Festival in Roozengaarde. For more in depth info, please see my recent blog post about the Tulip Festival for tips what to do and bring. When we went, it unfortunately rained; however, it was still completely gorgeous and magical.
  2. Fly to Paine Field Airport in Everrett, Washington to save some money. It’s only 30 mins away from Seattle and it’s a quaint and small airport filled with less people.
  3. If you fly to Tacoma International Airport in Seattle and you’re going to stay in downtown Seattle, you don’t have to rent a car. You just take the Light Link Rail and Lyft all around downtown.
  4. Pike Place Market – A MUST SEE! This has about fifty percent of all the yummy food I tried all weekend. Which ones? See below. P.S. They’re all AH-MAZING!
  • The Original Starbucks – 1912 Pike Pl, Seattle, WA 98101
  • Piroshky Piroshky – they have delicious pastries (there’s always a line)
  • Pike Clam Chowder – it’s ADDICTING!
  • Rachel’s Ginger Beer – love love love! 
  • Matt’s In The Market – one of the best seafood places!
  • Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – OBSESSED! And you get to see them make cheese!
  • The Gum Wall – You have to go!


5. Stay at Kimpton Palladian Hotel. I love how close they are to Pike Place. It’s a 10 min walk as they’re only a couple of blocks away. I also love their interior and the service is spectacular!

6. Spend the afternoon in Volunteer Park. They have a gorgeous Green House!

  1. Check out Pioneer Square and it’s cute stores and restaurants.
  2. Try the Fried oysters and Dungenees Crab at Taylor Shellfish Oyster at Pioneer Square. 
  3. Get happy hour at Girin Korean Ssam Bar – also at Pioneer Square. Try their original korean beer – it is sooo good! It looks like rice milk and you drink it from a bowl but it’s actually really good. The restaurant looks super fancy on the inside and the service is amazing!
  4. Go bar hopping at Capitol Hill. My fave is the Unicorn Bar. It’s like a Disneyland for adults and they have super cute and instagrammable drinks! So colorful.
  5. Then sober up at Big Mario’s New York Pizza just around the corner. This pizza was amazing! It was delicious, light and crispy! Perfect way to end the night!
  6. Hang out with the cool cats at NEKO: A Cat Cafe. This cafe is so cute and cozy that Eddie and I actually want to build our own cat cafe in LA. It’s definitely on top of my favorite things to do in Seattle. I had so much fun playing with the cats while having coffee + dessert.
  7. Get brunch or din din at Matt’s in the Market. It’s on the second floor in front of the Pike Place Market sign. BEST SEAFOOD with a delicate touch! 
  8. Grab some ice cream at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream! Hands down the best ice cream i’ve ever had! Please get the honey lavender drizzled with lemon custard. It’s heaven in your mouth!
  9. Try the Seattle Dog in the Park. I cant believe I’m saying this but it’s actually better than the LA dog. It has some kind of cream cheese and veggies that makes it mouthwatering!
  10. Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass – if there’s one thing you HAVE TO DO in Seattle, it’s this! I fell in love with this place and the artist Chihuly. The amount of work and dedication and creativity that was put into all his masterpieces were just so out of this world!! 
  11. Go see the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington and visit the Suzzallo Library. There’s also super cool thrift stores around the area that are worth seeing! Unfortunately, with the amount of time I had left, I only got to go Crossroads Trading and boy, did I get a lot of treasures!
  12. Grab a late night drink at Jarr Bar! It’s the best little bar in Seattle.I love that the place is so small and intimate and they have the yummiest late night snacks!
  13. See the Fremont Troll! LOL. If you want to be extra touristy and into Pop Culture – this troll was in Once Upon a Time and I had to go see it!

Hope you enjoyed this things to see/do/eat list and fall in love with Seattle as much as I did!



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