What’s a gift your father will love?

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Do you ever struggle on what gift to give your dad on father’s day? If you’re someone like me, I have found the greatest present for you!!! Key Smart Pro┬áis one the best things that have ever been invented in history (or at least for people like me and my day who always lose their keys!!!) Last Sunday I went home and spent Father’s Day with my family and gave my dad a Key Smart Pro. He was so happy that he finally doesn’t have to have a hard time looking for his keys or his phone ever again! Key Smart Pro can help you look for your keys in the Tile App, make your keys ring so you can find them faster and one of my other favorite parts (as I always lose my phone as well), you can press the tile button on your key smart and it will make your phone ring as well even if it’s on silent! Phew. How is this not the best invention ever for forgetful and clutter minded people? Can I share a little secret with you? You know your dad loves you when he actually gives you back the present you give him because he knows you need it more! That’s what my dad literally did. Funny coincidence, I lost my keys and I spent looking for them for two hours last Sunday before my dad found them for me; hence, why he told me to just keep it. Haha. Thanks Dad! So if you have a friend, sister, parent or anyone you know that needs this – don’t wait for next year’s father’s day, I suggest you get it for them on their birthday or just because you know that they need it.



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