How To Get Invited To Influencer Events

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If you are wondering how do I get invited to influencer events, soft opening, fashion shows, wine festivals, or store openings, here are the easy steps how.

  1. Make your bio double work for you – include your email address + make your profile a business profile on instagram, where brands or PR can email you with a touch of a button.
  2. Always tag places you go to – on your insta stories, on your posts, tag, tag, tag + also mention them! You have a higher chance being invited back. You have no idea how many times I get to go to free festivals just because I engaged with a city or a brand out of nowhere. Also, PR and social media managers actually go through these tagged photos and check out the latest people that were in there – and that’s how they find you.
  3. Dont be shy! – continuously put yourself out there and do what you’re mean to do. Share what you’re most passionate about and talk about it. Brands that are aligned with your goals will see this and will be attracted.
  4. Create high quality content – once you get invited to your first free event, create high quality content and email back the PR or brand that invited you. You have a higher chance on getting another event in the near future vs. just showing up.
  5. Manifest + find your circle – talk about your goals constantly, write them down and tell your circle of friends or find your people that has similar goals than you. Make new friends if your current friends now don’t have the same goals as you. As you make more friends, your network get bigger which leads to more opportunities and events.

Hope this helps! Would you like to hear more about influencer tips in my blog? Please let me know in the comments below.



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