Things To Do in NYC during winter

Hi Friends!

Traveling to NYC during winter? No problem, I got you!

Here are some tips of things to do/pack when you go to the Big Apple. I happened to have gone during Thanksgiving weekend so I got to watch the Thanksgiving Parade and it was marvelous! There were so many cool cartoon characters and celebrities.

So here’s tip number one.

  1. Pack smart and layers of everything!!! Cannot stress this enough. New York have really harsh winds and you can feel it slap on your face. Bring mittens, hats, 6-8 pairs of socks, cardigan, thermals and coats!
  2. Wear comfortable shoes! I made this mistake on my first day as I wanted to look chic and cute on my photos but after walking at least 10 miles each day (you are going to be doing a lot of walking) my feet were in so much pain at the end of the night!
  3. Buy aNew York City Go Pass. Trust me, it will save you sooo much money and you will be able to see as many places as you like on your visit. Because we bought a city  go pass, my family and I got to see three different landmarks that weekend.
  4. See the Statue of Liberty and I cannot emphasize this enough. BE THERE EARLY! Better yet, schedule the time you’d like to be there and be on time so you don’t have to wait in line for THREE HOURS! In order to get to see the Statue of Liberty, you’d have to take a ferry from Battery Park (you can take the metro to get there). Once you go inside, you can see the NYC sky line and it’s such a pretty view.

    4. Climb the Empire State Building. It’s one of my favorites! We went there first thing in the morning and the line was a breeze, where it can easily be like another Disneyland line. As you wait in line, there’s a few things to do like take pics with King Kong and other interactive media.


  5. Watch a Broadway Show! This has been in my to-do-list and we saw The Waitress. I also bought my tickets for a less expensive price than most at Goldstar. The Waitress was phenomenal, hilarious and relatable! It’s a must watch!IMG-4990
  6. See the 9/11 Memorial. It was beautiful, sad and powerful.


  7. You have to go to Times Square even though it will be crazy busy! Also, be careful of your surroundings and pick pocketers but have loads of fun!

That’s all folks! Wish we had more time to see Central Park and other places but each day was all so booked filled with walking. Hope this list helped you for your next trip. Tune in for more travel advice as I’ll be leaving to Europe this Friday!



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