It should be really obvious that I love dressing up… probably one of the reasons why October is my second favorite month and Halloween is my second favorite Holiday after December and Christmas.

As soon as October hits, I normally like to dress up and blog about different Halloween costumes. A lot of times people ask me why i like shooting, dressing up or making costumes.. Frankly, it makes me feel alive. I love that fantasy of it all and the creativity that’s put into it. I love that in that moment, I can be whoever I want, be in character and forget about everything around me for a quick second. I’ve also wanted to be an actress growing up, I’ve always loved expressing myself and my emotions and impersonating others —but since I decided to pursue design instead,  I guess when
i found my love for modeling and blogging – it made me realize it’s sorta like acting when you’re in character —- but in a sense shooting has also become like an escape and a hobby for me. I also love that I get to work with talented photographers and collaborate on creating something with them.
If you have no clue who I dressed up as, you have to go see Suicide Squad. It came out in the movies last year and the moment I saw Harley Quinn, I told myself that I want to dress up as her one of these days! I absolutely love that she’s crazy, exciting, colorful and a rebel. Therefore; i made a Harley Quinn inspired a two piece inspired outfit and played around with my hair and make up based on the movie. What do you guys think about this look? Do you know who you’re dressing up as for Halloween yet?

Dia De Los Muertos








“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside of us while we live.”- Norman Cousins

Are you afraid of death? I know it’s a touching subject and not everyone wants to talk about it.
Some people are. Some people arent. I’m surprisingly not as I’ve accepted it’s going to happen either way but I’m more afraid on how it’s going to happen. Is it going to hurt? Am I going to be surrounded by the people I love and care the most? Although. I dont really think about it much, I think about the life I have now and how much I want to live it before I run out of time.
Some of you may know that I grew up in the Philippines and I came here when I was 12 years old. We didn’t celebrate Halloween —maybe that’s one of the reasons why I love it sooo much because I was deprived of all the dressing up and free candies… and yes, I still trick or treat… (judge all you want) However, we have what we call “All Saints Day” which was normally celebrated on the eve of November 1st. My whole family and I would go to the cemetery and visit our loved ones who has passed and spend the night over there with candles and just relive the moments we had with our loved ones. I was still a child back then and didnt really know much why we do this —all i know is I get to go to the cemetery and play with my cousins and there’s pretty lit candles all around. Now that I’m an adult, I appreciate this practice more.
Now that I live here in Southern California, I learned about “The Day of the Dead” and there’s so much more about the pretty painted faces. I’ve learned that it comes from early cultures’ beliefs about death that later mixed with Christianity. It is based on the idea that the spirits return at that time of year. Customs around Halloween seem to stem from the idea that the spirits were malevolent (children were disguised so that they wouldn’t be harmed), whereas in Day of the Dead festivities, the spirits are joyfully welcomed as family members that one hasn’t seen in a year. So for this shoot, I made a black tight fitted dress with scallop edge hem as I thought it would go with the theme and I wanted it to be a bit more fashion forward. What do you guys think about this dress?
How do you celebrate Halloween? What do you think about these different practices around the world?

Pure Gold

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One of my favorite classes that I took at FIDM is draping. Most of the time when I create, I get inspired by the how the fabric feels, the colors, the texture and how it flows. Little did I know that this class would be so helpful now that I’m always running around doing photo shoots. When I havent gotten a chance to make an outfit, I tend to bring fabrics with me and end up just wrapping it around myself to make a dress.

For Labor Day Weekend, I went on a mini road trip with my friends to Arizona and Utah. One of the stops that we did was to see the Antelope Canyon. We signed up ahead of time to see it through  Chief Tsosie’s Upper Antelope Canyon Tour We had so much fun as the tour guides took us to the location as we rode a mini jeep. They helped us take the best pictures where you can see the light pass through the canyons. This has been on my bucket list and I was so excited to be able to see the canyons in real life. It was pure magic.
I will be doing more adventure blogs soon.
What do you guys think about these kind of posts?

Museum of Ice Cream



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IMG_2387 2



The long wait is over as I finally got the chance to visit the Museum of Ice Cream!!! I love ice cream so much that I dressed up as one! Teehee. To everyone else that hasn’t gotten a chance to go yet, they just opened a new one in SF. You should definitely try to go! It’s probably the third happiest place on Earth in my books! The rules are pretty simple in this museum, you get a treat in every room you go into, you have loads of fun, you get to to dance around and sing a long with cool jams and you get to make new friends! They have the best employees. Everyone has a great personality and dances with you. We weren’t allowed to touch the hanging bananas and the black cones but other than that, you can pretty much touch everything. They also have a few cameras where you can take pics with your friends. My favorite room is probably the sprinkles pool – which is at the very end of the museum. I didn’t get to take a lot of photos as we didn’t have enough time. Also, when you go to each room – remember that you cannot go backwards so take your time!!! It’s a fun place to go on a date, go out with your friends or family or to be honest to go by yourself. I wish they sell more tickets because I’d definitely go again.

What do you guys think about my ice cream outfit? I pretty much wore a white tulle top and a brown fitted skirt for the cone and made a cherry headband.












I’m a true believer that when women support each other, incredible things happen. Some of you may know that my bestie, Jessika and I started our own mermaid line, Secretly A Mermaid almost a year ago and it has been a fun, nerve wracking, crazy, glitter filled kind of year ever since. There are a couple of times that we’ve wanted to give up as we’ve realized that start ups aren’t easy but there’s many times that we are filled with joy as we are blessed enough to be able to do what we like to do best: which is pretty much everything – from designing, modeling, sewing, bloggging, advertising our own stuff, creating, expressing ourselves and networking.

And it’s times like this when we get to partner with different brands like TWOOBS that we’re even more excited than ever that we get to work with rad brands who slays around the world! They are Australian based super cool, glittery shoes that you can pretty much wear everywhere and ships world wide. They’re super light weight and fun! They even come with these cool glittery bag that you can use as your own clutch. I don’t think I’ve ever been obsessed with any pair of shoes than these!

Also, did you know that around one in four startups is founded by a female? Which is weird when you think about the fact that one in two humans is a female. This is why TWOOBS pass some of their profits to other startups run by female entrepreneurs. Every time you buy a pair of TWOOBS, you are not only scoring a super rad pair of shoes, you’re also helping a female start their own business. So go on their website now and check these babies out! 😉

TOP: Secretly A Mermaid

Shorts: Zara






Shine Bright







Sometimes you meet people who want to make art and then you meet people who have to do it because if they dont, they go crazy.

Which one are you? I would like to say that I belong on the latter half. Most of the time when I meet people who ask me what do I do on my free time,

I normally say “creating, shooting, modeling, sewing, designing” and they go “wait, isn’t that your job? what do you do on your free time?”

And literally that’s what I do on my free time. I go to different places with my friends and blog about our adventures and make outfits for them.

I’ve been working as a fashion designer for five years. My job isn’t as glamorous as what people see on TV. Since I’ve worked for companies that

sell to the mass market, a lot of times are designs have to be toned down and sellable; therefore, I needed a creative outlet. Everyday I sit in front of my

computer thinking about all the different outfits I can create, multiple places I can visit that I’ve never been in before. As few weeks ago, StreetMeetLA

announced that they will be hosting their fairy lights meet. Instantly, I was inspired to make a see through outfit made out of plastic with patches on them

on top of Secretly A Mermaid’s newest two piece set because I just imagined how creative it will look with the fairy lights. I was so happy on how it turned out.

On my next few blog posts, I am going to start sharing how I make my outfits step by step —> comment below if you like that idea. I cant wait to make another

outfit and be creative again.




Winter Is Here







Happy Game of Thrones Season Premiere Night! If you didn’t already know, GOT is one of my favorite shows in the whole entire world that I decided to make an outfit inspired from one of my favorite characters, Daenerys Targaryen. If you have not seen Game of Thrones, you definitely should start watching and if you’re fanatic like me, how did you guys like the season premiere? And what did you think about this outfit?