Amplify Pt. 1

Hi Friends, This weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Amplify OC hosted by Jazzy, sponsored by Kroger. In here I met amazing, beautiful women influencers coming from different backgrounds where we had to chance to connect, grow, devour healthy and simple meals and create together. On Friday morning, we ate some delicious protein pancakes. Then … Continue reading Amplify Pt. 1

I want candy!

A few weeks ago, I finally got a chance to visit Candytopia. We were greeted by energetic candy lovers and we entered a room that looks like it came from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There's many different rooms that are themed and have really fun photo opps. One of my favorite rooms is … Continue reading I want candy!

Dark Blooms

A few weeks ago, I went back to Death Valley with my friends. One of my favorite places to visit and to shoot in is ----Bad Water Basin. This place reminds me that---not all endings have to be ugly, some of them actually turn out to be unique and extraordinary. As soon as you walk … Continue reading Dark Blooms